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RolePlay 101
(By Juls)

What is RolePlay?

Wikipedia wrote:Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

In the context of Adonia and International Political RolePlay Unions like Adonia, RolePlay is basically assuming the role of a State, a Country, that a player has created, and everything within it from ambassadors in foreign nations to companies registered in the State in question. As such, roleplaying in such context offers a wide variety of possibilities. You see a country in real life, and everything that it represents, well you want to act like that.

RolePlay Lexicon

In Character, or IC for short, is defined as acting in the role of a character or an entity (government, company, individual, etc.). When you are IC, you are roleplaying (RPing). You must roleplay at all times, meaning you must be in character at all times.

Example to follow:
*Khatuna Mariamisvi clears her throat, looking at sheets in front of her*
[Varkan Ambassador] Khatuna Mariamisvi: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is in great distress that I announce the invasion of Whatever's armed forces into Varkan territory. As the Ambassador of Varkana to the Adonian Community, I must request immediate support in condemning such attack. Needless to say that the Republic of Varkana will respond to this invasion with all means necessary to protect the Varkan people against this illegal violation of international law and the territorial integrity of the sovereign nation of Varkana." *Khatuna Mariamisvi sighs, looking up to the ambassadors in the parliamentary room* "The Varkan government will retaliate against this invasion. Varkana will prevail. Thank you."
*Khatuna Mariamisvi goes back to her seat and sits down under heavy applause and whispers in the parliamentary room*

Examples NOT to follow:
#1: Well Jon attacked me so I'm gonna invade him back and push him out haha this will be fun! Guys I want support, please help!
(( Mixing IC and OOC, PGing, MGing ))
#2: Wolffrea will assist Varkana and provide troops and such as soon as possible!
(( PGing, refusal to RP, bad RP, "Wolffrea" is realistically too far and unimportant to assist and its relation with Varkana is not close enough or it has no legitimacy or legality to intervene ))

Out Of Character, or OOC for short, is defined as not being roleplaying, when you are not acting as something but rather are yourself, the player, being the player.

Example (if in an IC forum section): OOC: lol that's so silly / (( lol that's so silly ))

Example (if in an OOC forum section): Comment normally

MetaGaming, or MG for short, is defined as using Out Of Character knowledge and applying it to an In Character situation.

[Skype] Blakeway4: lol you don't know what's happening under the government buildings Wink
[Skype] Forthwall: haha what for example?
[Skype] Blakeway4: torture, stuff like that
[Skype] Forthwall: k
On the forums...
[Kuyrut Ambassador] Shubham Naik: "We condemn the actions of the Varkan government, torturing people in their government buildings. Such actions are in clear violation of basic human rights and the own Constitution of Varkana. We demand that they cease immediately [...]"

PowerGaming, or PG for short, is defined as an unfeasible situation or performing an action without allowing any other players to contest this action and come up with a suitable reaction or if that action is simply unrealistic. In more common terms, it can also be referred as god-modding.

*Mitronian troops invaded Sinope*
[Mitron Ambassador] Whitey Black: "Mitron has successfully invaded Sinope and taken its capital, Braavos, in two hours. Mitronian forces are still fighting sporadic resistance in the rest of the country, but Mitron is confident in a Sinopian capitulation in the next hour."

*Mitronian troops invaded Sinope [where?] with [how many troops?] and [what kind?]*
[Ambassador] Whitey Black: "Mitron has started to invade Sinope [where?], due to [casus belli?]."

Even if realistically, an invasion can make sense and can be done by any country or armed entity, although you can't just invade a country in the morrow without prior planning or troop movements, it is highly suggested and encouraged to ask for the player's permission to invade or attack their roleplayed country.

Void is when a RP is cancelled. In Character actions cannot be repelled besides in these only two manners:
1. If it is decided by the RP Committees OOCly, with a valid reason (breaking the code of ethics).
2. If the players involved unanimously decide to void the roleplay.

Canon is when something planned, discussed and decided OOCly becomes valid and fully part ICly. Even if something is canon, it can be contested and revoked by admins or committees.

Example: [Wiki] Varkana is a sovereign nation located in Illypnia on Adonia.

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