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Assembly Delegates

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1Assembly Delegates Empty Assembly Delegates Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:29 am



List of Delegates

Player Countries:

Aetolia: NAME
Bayara: NAME
Burawa: NAME
Echia: NAME
Hitani: NAME
Kalinova: NAME
Kotcija: NAME
Monsora: NAME
Nabia: NAME
Nusaraya: NAME
Varkana: NAME
Volisania: NAME
Wolffrea: NAME
Zong: NAME

Non-Player Countries:

Country: NAME

  • Information about this country's voting pattern

Breisland: Rudolf Schiller

  • Votes solely in their own interests and for "global democracy"
  • Abstains when there is conflict between interests and democratic values

Sarta: Gonzalo Mascó

  • Votes aligned with Breisland
  • Never abstains

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