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NPC Committee Procedures

The Non-Player Countries Committee will be composed of five (5) members. There will be one (1) member representing a region of Adonia. As such, each member will have a veto power over his region, meaning that he can temporarily freeze a voting process over a NPC Committee bill, forcing a debate until consensus or majority vote. Members of this committee will not be chosen automatically by the region they have a nation in the union, but rather on personal out-of-character knowledge and expertise, which means that ideally each region will have a member in the region representing it, but it is not necessary.

Current members:

- Continent 1 (NAME)
- Continent 2 (NAME)
- Continent 3 (NAME)
- Continent 4 (NAME)
- Continent 5 (NAME)

The NPC Committee will hold the following powers over NPCs:

- Decide upon coat of arms and flag design;
- Decide upon economics;
- Decide upon political system;
- Decide upon culture and languages;
- Decide upon basic society and demographics;
- Decide upon naming in general (i.e. nation name, leaders, cities);
- Voting ability, and veto capability.

The NPC Committee will hold and must complete the following obligations:

- Provide basic information and statistics for each NPC;
(Through proper wiki infobox and basic information)

-Voting Procedure;
Members will fulfill their obligations for their respective region while remaining completely transparent with the rest of the NPC Committee. After a NPC is completed, if there is a minimum of one (1) objection, the NPC will be put to vote by the Committee. If there is no objection, the NPC will be automatically approved and presented to the rest of the union as canon.

If a member completely disagrees on the matter, he can veto the voting procedure, which would be freezed for debate.

In case of a veto, members will be forced to freeze the vote and debate for a period of minimum one day, whereas each member will have to express their opinion. Following this period of time, a vote will be held and a simple majority will settle the question.

In case of proposed NPC by an Adonian member not part of the NPC Committee, the same voting system will apply on that NPC as a NPC from a Committee member. This means anyone can work on NPCs, but it will always be subject to review by the Committee.

-Utilization of NPCs;
Any member can freely use NPCs to RolePlay except in the case of restricted NPCs and shared NPCs. Shared NPCs are NPCs roleplayed by a few selected members (e.g. Alex, Shub and Krijn agree to roleplay 'Sinope' exclusively among them and this agreement is approved by the NPC Committee), while restricted NPCs are NPCs with strict RP procedure (e.g. North Korea). Remember that any roleplay will be subject to the Code of Ethics. Therefore if a NPC is wrongly used (unrealistic manner, powergaming, metagaming, etc.), the RP will be subject to revision (and likely voided).

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