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Any major roleplay (MRP) affecting the society, economics or politics of a non-player country (NPC) shall be presided over the Central Committee (CC). The CC has the powers to accept RP or deny it, as well as initiate/create RP without the approval of the members. Pre-approved and started RP cannot be vetoed or stopped by the CC but the CC can create new RP that is able to cancel the effects of the previous one.

By MRP, we mean the kind of RP that is not confined to a region (for example a border incident) but rather something that is expected to affect Adonia as a whole one way or another (for example a war, genocide or an economic downfall).

Additionally, all environmental and climate issues are also to be controlled by the CC, unless it is in your specific nation solely. For instance, only the CC can approve a massive earthquake in a NPC country or spanning multiple borders, even if it includes your own nation, and you will not be able to refuse as a player any environmental or climatic incident should they occur.

Players are expected to notify the CC over PM or Skype about planned major RP that they believe would affect the society, economics or politics of a NPC. Examples of that kind of RP include: popular revolts, coups d'état, revolutions, military invasion, etc.

The CC has the duty to remain transparent and inform Adonian players of their actions.

-Voting Procedure;
Any decision made by the CC shall require a two-third majority (2/3) of CC members.

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