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Application Procedure

To apply to join the Adonia RolePlaying Community, you must first fill out the First Applicatory Phase Form in a new thread titled NAME OF YOUR NATION | First Applicatory Phase. Make sure you filled out every piece of information required, referring to the example. The members of the union will review your application shortly after and will approve it or not. The first phase decides whether or not your nation might exist in the Adonia universe. It doesn't mean you're accepted yet.

After the first step has been approved, you must fill out the Secondary Application Form in a new thread titled NAME OF YOUR NATION | Second Applicatory Phase. Here again, members will review your application and decide if it is approved or not. Should your nation pass this point, you will be officially considered a member of the Adonia RolePlay Community and will be able to start to roleplay with your nation.

The Application procedure is a two-way process. Should members have any concern, you are obliged to answer them in order to go through with the application process. It is widely suggested that you ask for help or assistance from members regarding the building of your nation to make sure it is realistic and will go through the application process.

Application Assistance

If you are not familiar with nation/country roleplay, please read this guide for an introduction to that type of roleplay and this guide to help you build your nation.

If you have any concern or question, ask them in this thread or PM any member.

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